Neil Shankar is an Indian-American designer and developer in the SF Bay Area. Currently on the Creative Studio team at Block.

Active work

Block Active
Design system, web presence, internal tooling, and brand identity.
Sanity Active
Product design for Block's instances of Sanity CMS, including internal plugins.
Tweakpane Active
Side project: a helpful plugin for Tweakpane GUI.

Past work

Replit 2020
Freelance project to help the team redesign and scale their product marketing website.
Google Stadia 2020
Design for Stadia's design system and web presence.
Firebase 2020
Product design for an interactive developer feeedback experience.
Chrome Product Design 2018
Product design for the Chrome Web Store and Chrome Remote Desktop.
Chrome Growth 2018
UI design and growth features for the Chrome product marketing website.
Social Print Studio 2015
Product design and front-end development for the SPS e-commerce platform.